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Autocorp Holding Public Company Limited and company’s subsidiaries (“the Company”) use cookies and other similar technologies (“cookies”) to collect information of visitation on the Company’s website from every visitor and use the information for efficiency improvement in accessing services of the Company. This cookie policy describes definition, functions, objectives, including the deletion and refusal of cookies for your privacy. By accessing this website, you permit us to use cookies under the following cookie policies:


What are cookies?

Cookies are little files that store browsing history such as date, time, clicked links, visited pages and other settings which are saved to your computer device and/or communication devices such as notebook, tablet or smartphone when you access our website. Cookies do not represent a threat to your computer and/or communication devices. In the following cases: Your Personal Data may be stored to enhance our online experience. It remembers the language and customizes the usage information according to your needs. This information is collected to confirm its unique features. Your safety information, including any products and services you are interested in. Cookies are also used to measure the amount of access to online services, modification of content based on your use, both before and present, and for advertising and public relations purposes.
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How do we use cookies?

To learn website users’ behaviors and use them to improve our website to be easy-to-use, fast and more efficient website.
• To allow members or registered members to seamlessly browse the website when they sign in.
• To help identify the devices that users use, together with other collected data, to be able to specify users’ personal needs.


Types of cookies

1. Strictly Necessary Cookies are necessary for our website functionality which help visitors access the information and keep them safe when browsing our website.
2. Analytical/Performance Cookies record and count the number of visitors as well as analyze visiting behavior on the website to improve the performance of the website.
3. Functionality Cookies remember users’ website settings such as language.
4. Targeting Cookies record user information to offer products or advertising media that match user interests.


Cookie Management

Users can configure the Company’s cookie settings to accept or refuse cookies. However, disabling cookies may affect the functionality of this website. Users are able to configure cookies settings by following the links below:

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Cookie Policy Changes

This cookie policy may be updated on an occasion to comply with regulations. The company will post an updated policy on this website. Therefore, the Company recommends that you ensure that you understand the changes to these Terms.


In case of any inquiries about our cookie policy, you can contact us at:
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